Slatter Residential’s reputation and experience in the industry has allowed us to form long-lasting alliances with the best in Perth in architectural design. Our design services include Concept Designs, Architectural drawings, 3D Renders & Graphic Design. We only partner with the most innovative and talented designers in Perth to ensure that every home, apartment and commercial building is at the leading edge of the market, is well designed, functional, affordable and reflects the needs of each individual client.

Our designers are skilled at empathising with and understanding your needs, they are highly skilled at turning your needs and thoughts into a design that is affordable and effective. Using 3D rendering, our clients can get a clear picture of exactly what your home/project will look like. This ensures there is no miscommunication between client and project manager, which can lead to costly re-iterations in the future. Choosing the right architect is vital for the success of your home.

Good early planning and design ensures that everyone involved in the project is following a well thought out plan that will allow us to deliver your home on time and on budget.