Slatter Residentials experience in designing and development is not limited to individual homes and apartments. We are very experienced in building and delivering built form and grouped dwellings projects throughout Perth.

We apply the same expertise and care that we do for our individual home customers to developers of grouped dwellings.

We understand that sustaining the bottom line is critical for success, we can assist with your feasibility and provide advice on the best product mix that will potentially realise the projects desired outcome.

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Residential Redevelopment


You love where you live. But it’s old… and too big, with too much maintenance.

It’s time to upgrade and enjoy life.

Experience the excitement of building your own new home on half of your existing block, and have it paid for by selling the bit you no longer need. We have the team and the experience to make this your reality.

We will help you conceive your new life in your new home, and build you a quality home to suit your lifestyle and future needs. We can guide you as to your options and the practical execution of the project. We will administer the entire process for you as part of our service (if you wish). We are here to make it easy.

Townhouse and Villa Projects


Property development is about profitability. Profit is driven by product, price and time.

Our team knows that a pragmatic business approach is essential, and through our experience, we deliver innovative and market driven design solutions, strong, reliable and time-efficient support during planning and documentation phases, and timely, quality driven construction delivery.

We and our partnered consultants provide a powerful resource base for anyone considering residential property development. When it comes to group dwelling development, we understand what it takes to succeed, and we are here to inject that support and experience in to your project.

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Residential Communities


As a land or property developer, you know the importance of meeting the market.

Small residential community design encompassing the various strata tilted options available can be a viable alternative, or a valuable supplementary component, to standard greenfield or infill subdivision.

At Slatter Residential we are skilled in the design and construction of socially and aesthetically integrated stand alone strata communities; aimed at optimising your project yield, whilst providing quality, affordable housing (meeting the project’s demographic objectives). Whether you’re contemplating 10 or 60 residential units, we offer a project approach and delivery that will support winning outcomes and keep you in control.